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Devitt is widely known for his tenure with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) as Prince Devitt. After signing with WWE's development territory, NXT, and adopting his current ring name, Bálor became a one-time NXT Champion, with his reign being the longest in the title's history at 292 days (although WWE recognizes it at 293). Shortly after arriving on the main roster, Bálor became the first wrestler in WWE history to win a world title in their pay-per-view debut, as well as becoming the quickest wrestler in WWE history to win a world title at 27 days following his main roster debut by becoming the inaugural WWE Universal Champion.  However, he relinquished the championship a day later due to suffering a legitimate shoulder injury during the match.

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Name: Finn Balor
Debut: May 15th 2014

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 RAW April 23rd 2018


Digital | Screen Captures

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were seen talking to Finn about them losing the Miz and The Good Brothers as they would try and talk him in joining him, they would show him his shirt and throw up Too Sweet at him he would tell them no and walk away. Coming back and put down there hands. It was later then annouced that it would be Finn and Seth vs Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Finn would come out first as it would cut to commerical. Finn would start off the match with Bo Dallas, as he put him in a headlock then hitting him with his shoulder, he would then walk over to Curtis Axel tagging him in.. READ MORE

 Wrestlemania 34


Digital | Screen Captures

To kickoff Wrestlemania it would be the Intercontinetal Championship match, as both Seth and Miz had made they way to the ring Finn would be next. Giving the whole WWE Universe a surprise when he came out with what looked like his normal gear until he walked out more and the camera would show fans standing on the stage in his new Balor Club shirt which then everyone saw his Jacket, Trunks, Kneepads and Boots. Finn would make his way down to the ring throwing his hands up in the air for his enterence as the Balor Club logo would change into the LGBT colors making his way down to the ring.. READ MORE

 Mixed Match Challenge – Week 1


Digital | Screen Captures

Finn would make his way down to the ring all smiling and waited for his partner, as Sasha would enter next wearing the same jacket, except a little different to Finns it would go and show a promo video that they had made on her Facebook, it would return to the ring were the two were compairing jackets and waited for the oppoints.. READ MORE

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Mixed Match Challenge Week 1 – January 16th 2018
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Digital | Screen Captures

Finn would make his way down to the ring all smiling and waited for his partner, as Sasha would enter next wearing the same jacket, except a little different to Finns it would go and show a promo video that they had made on her Facebook, it would return to the ring were the two were compairing jackets and waited for the oppoints.

Once Natalya and Shinsuke had entered Natalya would tell Shinsuke that she had this and would start off the match, she would then lock her attentions onto Sasha, only for them to lock up and Natalya would quickly back off and tag in Shinsuke, which then caused Finn to join in.

Finn and Shinsuke would lock up only for them to switch moves back in forth causing Finn to smile as he watch Nakamura from one side of the ring as the circled each other and locked up once again, this time Finn putting Nakamura into a head lock only for Nakamura to back them up into the ropes doing what he did back in NXT by placing his forehead onto Finns stomach, but Finn wasn’t having it this time and pushed him away looking at him as Shinsuke would yell at him, then kicking Finn in the stomach and backing him up into the corner and went for another kick but Finn would catch his leg flipping Nakamura and throwing up the Two Sweet at him as he stared down Shinsuke, locking up once again they would end up in front of Natalya where she would tag herself in which would cause Sasha to return in the ring.

Finn would stand on the side and cheer on his partner, watching as she would get the upper hand on Natalya at first. Natalya would be outside the ring when Shinsuke would check up on her, only for him to catch Sasha as she was about to jump on Natalya giving him a look she would yell at him and jump once again but this time landing on Natalya. Finn waited for Sasha to tag him in, as he checked on his partner here and there, continuing to cheer her on, as Natalya picked up Sasha was a finger tip away from tagging Finn in only to get thrown by Natalya and slammed to the mat.

Sasha would once again be finger tips away from tagging Finn in, only to held back by Natalya as she kicked Natalya upside the head, she would then quickly jump and tag in Finn, causing Shinsuke to get into the ring, Finn would run and clothesline Shinskue over and over again then hitting him with a slinge blade, and then a running kick to the face Finn would try and go for the pin but Shinsuke would kick out leaving Finn sitting in the ring pumping up for another round on him, but Shinsuke would turn around and knee Finn in the face, knocking Finn off gaurd, he would once again try and pin Finn, but he would kick out once again.

Finn would then get up and try something on Nakamura, but he would turn that around giving Finn a DDT, then tried to square up and run at Finn but Finn would turn around and give Shinsuke another Sling Blade, backing up into the corner and get ready for a running drop kick.

Finn would hit the running drop kick on Nakamura, and would get ready to do the Coupe De Gras, but Natalya would knock Finn off the top of the ring, causing Finn to fall over and grab his thigh, which then gave Nakamura the chance to give Finn a running knee kick, going for the pin, once it seemed Nakamura had it, Sasha would come and break it up.

Natalya would then join in and attack Sasha, but Sasha would throw her outside the ring, leaving Finn and Nakamura in the ring, Finn would quickly get up and throw Nakamura into the turn buckle and quickly tagged Sasha in, as she would jump on Natalya who was still on the outside, she would then grab her and throw her back into the ring which then gave Sasha and Finn a chance to too sweet each other and kick both Natalya and Shinsuke.

Finn would quickly get out of the ring and Shinsuke would roll out, which then Sasha would put Natalya into the bank statment and began to tap causing Finn and Sasha to win and move on to the next round.

WINNER BY SUBMISSION: Finn Balor & Sasha Banks.


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